Adrian Marchio came to Australia from South Africa with his family in 2003.

Adrian is a self-taught commercial artist who has been airbrushing since he was 13.

He has an extensive portfolio of 35 years of airbrushed and mixed-media artwork, from illustrative and graphic artwork for ad agencies and print-ready artwork to countless themed restaurants and shopping centres and detailed up-market mural work.

Since being in Australia, most of his work is airbrushing amazing modern drag cars, old classic hot rods, custom bikes, small to heavy haulage trucks, drag boats and ski boats, and he has virtually revolutionised the look and quality of commercial ice-cream vans and food trailers.

The discipline of fine graphic and detailed mixed-media illustration artistry practiced in his first 20 years of experience (and his Italian blood) is the cornerstone to his award-winning, highly detailed, commercial automotive and mural work.


Adrian had strictly academic schooling in Johannesburg, South Africa, where no art was offered, and never attended any formal art classes. Instead he would spend many school holidays and late nights at his desk painting, drawing and airbrushing whenever he could. Adrian knew all his life that this is what he wanted to do, and decided to study Graphic Design and commercial art, so that he could make a career out of his passion.

Adrian takes his business personally…

‘The key to selling art for a living is to always be versatile and give the client more than what they expected. I spend time on a good design, incorporating all that they wanted and more. I then enjoy working with them to give them the great experience of watching their special dreams come to life for their custom bike, boat or truck. I also love to help clients revive a well-loved family heirloom like an old ice-cream truck that kept the family going during the tough times, or a classic treasure in desperate need of some TLC. I appreciate that I am part of that excitement of making some of these wild ideas come true’.

‘And another thing… (It’s my website right?’)

‘It’s just business’, is a phrase that I oppose strongly.  Every client is an opportunity for me to be of use and service to someone, which I believe is what we are on the planet to do. Most clients become mates because I respect everyone’s opinions and design ideas and I appreciate that someone would come to me for advice or help to ‘bling’ up their prized possessions’.

‘This little airbrush has meant so much to me and has let me meet amazing people and has taken me to places I could only have dreamt of’.

And lastly…

‘I have the utmost respect for anyone, regardless of background or beliefs.        BUT… I cannot do demonic or suggestive or erotic or ‘dark’ art.  I have been offered too many thousands of dollars that I have had to turn down.  Too many artists and clients are into giving the ‘dark side’ time and space in our society.  I will make that truck look outstanding and that bike look awesomely tuff, but I can’t add to what is out there.  I appreciate the talent that God has given me too much to disappoint Him or my family if I paint stuff that will not bring honour to the talent he has given me.’


Since being in Australia, Adrian has won many automotive airbrush Best Paint and Themed awards for Best Show Cars & Choppers and his work has been on front covers and centre-folds of most of the top auto magazines.